Reasons to Buy Local

Here are 8 great reasons to shop and buy from local businesses: Keep money in our community. Spending money at a local business keeps more of that money within our community. Wages are paid to local employees who spend that money here; more tax money stays here, helping to fund schools, police and fire protection, clean up, and more; local businesses also tend to buy from local businesses. Strengthen local… Read Article →

Who’s Watching TV?

Sure, you watch TV shows. But are you watching live TV? Why is that important you ask? Well, because people in the business of television marketing try to sell their commercial spots. The most famous of these, of course, are the Super Bowl commercials. But besides those commercials, no one is watching! We’re either on Netflix, TiVo, DVR, or a slew of other ways to consume our beloved programs on our… Read Article →

Why Qneo?

Why have we started Qneo? There are 1,000’s of different coupon apps out there so why start another one? Great questions. Qneo is twofold: we help shoppers and we help businesses. Small, locally owned businesses. If you’re not a business owner or you don’t work in marketing you might not give much thought as to how expensive marketing is. And in order to inform people about your products or services you… Read Article →